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Posted on 04/28/2011

I want a special male friend. One who is able to soften himself so he can enjoy it when he dips into my good stuff. That’s my laughter, and my sense of style, my deep full kisses and my comforting arms and my loving nature.

Lord, I want to love, not fight him. I want to talk to and understand him, not push him away. Build him up, and treat him as worthy. I’m asking for a MAN, Lord one I would love to smell and taste. I seek allure of a good man that creates the zest inside of me that craves his company. I also seek him, Lord for counsel and support.

I’m asking, you, for someone to see me in the crowd and comes to take my hand. Although I’ve come this far, I now realize I need help to carry me to my dreams. I’m not White or Asian, but I like to be spoiled too. I’d like to commit/marry just like those ladies. Can he see my unique beauty and treat me as delicately? With my age comes lessons learned, the importance of humor and appreciation for others.

Can we travel, Lord? Also fine dine and share exquisite sunsets? Dance on jazz laced, white sand beaches?  Make love camped out under a perfect moonlight sky? Afterwards, we cuddle and fall asleep listening to the night. Can I nuzzle under his shoulder and settle in with a sigh?

I’m not as young as before, but my eyes are just as clear, and my face still brightens to a surprise. My lips, hips and breasts are still soft and firm. Thank you for that. Will he find my body pleasing? Will he look over at me in a room  and feel his heart constrict as waves of pleasure wash over him? Can we please enjoy our stares and deep kisses? I’d like to feel erotic currents shoot through my body as he touches me softly. I’ve never had this Lord, and I really desire to form this kind of man/woman bond.

You gave us free will, so we can think for ourselves. He and I will  decide what we are to one another, not the world. I seek my king, my friend and my love…

I’ve waited so long, please end this for me and bring me my greatest desire.

Thank you for your love and guidance. In your holy name Lord, I pray,


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